Manage diabetes through the power of habit

A personalized and science-based solution for managing diabetes and prediabetes. Take our quiz to find out how Klinio can help you!

Manage diabetes through the power of habit

A personalized and science-based solution for managing diabetes and prediabetes. Take our quiz to find out how Klinio can help you!

Why Klinio?

It starts with a habit.

Klinio changes the way you approach your food, your routine, your condition. The diabetes assistant helps you take small steps towards sustainable results. No anxiety, no diabetes burnout – the only focus is on your improvement.

And continues with guidance.

A supportive virtual caregiver, Klinio meets you where you are instead of where you “should be” and helps you design your own path towards better health. Because life is defined by more than your condition.

Start seeing tangible health results

Klinio brings life-changing results - our customers become more active, eat smarter, and build healthy habits that last.

0.5 %

HbA1c reduction

HbA1c improvement has also lead to reduction of diabetes-related prescription.

- 30 lb

Avg. weight loss

Each meal plan is engineered to fit your unique dietary needs

35 min

More active per week

Through habit formation and beginner workouts, your energy levels can be increased.

How the Klinio web platform & app work

A simple solution to a complicated problem.

Ever-Evolving Meal Plan

Enjoy the meal plan that comes adapted to your dietary restrictions and personal preferences. Recipes have pre-calculated calories, macronutrients, portion sizes.

Detailed Progress Tracker

Look after your blood sugar levels and weight loss progress over time, evaluate the effectiveness of your nutritional plan and present the information to your doctor when needed.

No-Equipment Beginner Workouts

Customize the workouts according to your activity level, pace, and ability. The exercises will help stabilize your blood glucose levels and fuel the weight loss process.

Educational Content

Understand your condition thoroughly in order to manage it effectively and ensure that you’re taking all the steps to achieve your best health.

User-Friendly Activity Log

Save time and effort by tracking your macronutrients and calorie intake, water consumption, physical activity and so much more all in one tool.

Intuitive Data Sync

Connect your GM and smart data monitoring devices to sync up all the important information and have it displayed with the tap of your finger.

Find out how Klinio can help you

Take our quiz to see how we can manage your diabetes.

Klinio helps people all over the world

180 472

Active users

290 298

Completed recipes

430 890 lb

Weight lost

Start managing your diabetes today!

Take a free quiz to assess your health score and see how you can improve with Klinio.

Healthy weight loss just got easier

Weight Loss Fuel is a safe and effective way to lose weight by reducing sugar cravings, preventing bloating, and boosting your energy.

Practical diabetes management books just for You

Preventing or managing diabetes doesn’t have to be complicated. So our nutritionist and diabetes specialist team compiled these books with a bunch of tips, recipes, and educational content that will help you manage diabetes or pre-diabetes on a daily basis.

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